We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their continued support and ultimately, making this team possible!



Ermi is a medical technology company specializing in the innovation of the rehabilitation of joints in patients who have experienced a loss of motion. Ermi has generously sponsored IHOT Robotics for the last two years, and provided machines such as CNC mill, CNC lathe, laser printers, 3D printers, and more. This has allowed us to build a more advanced robot and to be more competitive against other teams. To learn more about ERMI, visit their website http://getmotion.com/ .

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Tulix Systems

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Based in the connected media hub of Atlanta, Tulix Systems is a trusted provider of online video streaming solutions for internet broadcasters and video publishers in the US and around the world. Tulix is one of the top cross platform streaming innovators with a purpose-built private infrastructure streaming over a thousand channels running worldwide, driving over a million app downloads through the Android and iOS marketplaces. Tulix’s team of streaming technology experts is dedicated to solving the unique challenges of their global customers. For more information on Tulix, visit www.Tulix.com