2018 Season Recap

This year, IHOT Robotics had a record setting season! We started off by welcoming 11 new members to the IHOT community. During the Power Up season, we attended the PCH Gainesville and Columbus competitions, the PCH District Championship, and the World Championship in Houston. We took home the Industrial Design award at both the Columbus and District Championship competitions. This was due to the sophisticated design of our robot, which included five custom gearboxes, a two stage elevator, a large number of water jetted parts, as well as a designed intake. At the World Championship we competed in the Carver division, and ended qualifications ranked 5th out of 68 teams. This resulted in us being alliance captains, which is a huge improvement from all previous years. We are very proud of our achievements, and are extremely excited to see what we can accomplish next year during Destination Deep Space!

-Katie Bender

Justin ChauComment